Skulls and Shackles with Mike

Session 3

In which the old is keelhauled and the new is a stowaway.


It’s bee’ a while since I updat’d this log, so let me recap:

Day 3. The mornin’ announcements were pretty surprisin’: Denton was caught stealin’ from the galley (no wonder he wanted to be th’ cook) and a stowaway was found, some young guy, Guybrush. Guybrush is really awkward with everyun’ on the ship. Saw him tryin’ to talk to another swabber and got the stink eye from him. Heard that Denton’s gonna get keelhauled soon.

Never thought I’d find myself sayin’ this, but the old man’s growin’ on me. A swab, Sandara, nice lookin’ redhead, gives Bib his ring and my dagger back. Says she trick’d Cut-Throat Grok, the quartermaster, into thinkin’ they were cursed. Clever girl! Now I have one of my weapons back, feelin’ a lot more less unsteady.

Guybrush seems real friendly though. He talk’d to Bib, gave me a weird ‘hi’ and nod, even talk’d to Sandara, and that female gnome, Giffer. Maybe he coulda be an useful ally.

Day 4. Guybrush takes over Denton’s role as a cook. A questionable decision, seeing as how he burnt a special pig for Cap’n Harrigan so bad, he got yelled outta there. The rats look’d far more appealin’ than a burnt lump of pork charcoal.

Started talking more to Rennick and Bib. They’re not so bad, me and them. We consider us a team now. Rennick’s good with the ladies. Saw rigger Sam smilin’ at him earlier today. And that creepy gnome, the one with the overly flamboyant hat, Conchobar Turl-Stone-Whatever, I’m callin’ him Conch anyhow, he never leaves Rennick’s side.

Talked to an’ther swabber – Rosie. She seemed shifty, then I found out her fiddle’s been taken, that ol’ half-orc Grok has it in her store. I mentioned it to Bib and Rennick. If we got it back for Rosie, we could make a good ally out of her. Th’n Bib sweet-talk’d to Grok, I don’t know how, something about a curse an’ the stormy seas an’ a creature, but he convinced Grok that the fiddle was curs’d and she just gave it right to him.

In oth’r news, Rennick got beat bad by some dude in an arm-wrestlin’ match, got his arm cut up pretty bad on some broken glass. Also, Bib’s pretty good at bluffin’, because later on in the day, the old man got another dagger out of Grok by usin’ the curse trick again. I don’t know, but I think Grok’s catchin’ onto this cursin’. I don’ know if Bib can do it again.

And Denton, Denton. Keelhauled. Shame to see that guy go, but his singin’ was gettin’ on everyone’s nerves. And now that Rosie’s fiddlin’ (and happ’ly so) somethin’ terrible, I much preferred Denton’s singin’.

I check’d out the middle hold durin’ the day. There’s a guard down there, protectin’ officer’s quarters. Kind of suspicious on a ship like this. Might investigate that sometime later. Guybrush slaughter’d anoth’r pig today. Guy seemed proud of the second one, he wouldn’t stop tellin’ me ‘bout it. ’Course, I hear that Ambrose the cook did all the work. Guy even manag’d to get his shield and cutlass back from Grok. Lucky.

Jack, a swabber, sudd’nly comes up top deck, lookin’ real distraught. We all – and by all, I mean Rennick, Bib and even Guybrush, overhear him tellin’ Mister Plugg somethin’ disturbin’s down there in the bilges. An’ he turns to us five, and sends us down there to check it out.

That’s what we get for eavesdroppin’.

‘Course, it turns out to be six big-son-of-a-Neptune rats. They start attackin’ and bitin’ us – Bib got bitten and felt a little sick so he sat down and rooted us on. Rennick managed to kill one, and Guy was actually useful, killin’ two. I ended up killin’ three of ‘em. The real surprise was me findin’ an ax in the dirty waters, and some abandoned booty – maces, armour, silver and gold pieces amongst more. I decid’d to split the gold and silver among’t the gang, and suggest’d we trade to Grok the rest for our stuff back.

‘Course, Grok was less than cooperative. We manag’d to get Rennick’s greatsword (now he’s even more intimidatin’), as well as my armour and Rennick’s armour back. Bib manag’d to buy his quarterstaff back with his new coin, and Guy bought his airbladder back.

Why Guybrush wants his airbladder back, I don’ know. He’s an okay fella, so far. But he’s too happy for a pirate.

And I have a naggin’ feelin’ somethin’ was awfully important about that ax… But, night duty calls. Will update more next time. - Baldric


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