Skulls and Shackles with Mike

Session 5

In which we eat some reefclaws and capture a ship.


Day 11 Cont’d:
I have lost track of time. Not the first, nor will it be the last. Last I left off, we were order’d to catch those sixteen crabs. We get attacked by reefclaws, and the only thing I know of them is that they’re considered delicacies. We manage to kill the two reefclaws thanks to Guybrush and Sandara, and after some more wranglin’, catch 14 crabs, thanks to mostly Rennick. We swim down to check out an old shipwreck, and recover some more loot, includin’ a bow and arrows for me. We return to the ship with reefclaws and crabs, pleasin’ Harrigan and the crew. We had a lot of influence over everyone that night too.

Day 12:
We had weapon trainin’ in the morning with the quartermaster. Krine takes us out on rowboat and has us practice throwin’ the grapplin’ hook to the Wormwood, and climbin’ across the seas on it. We all failed, except for Rennick, clearly built for this kind of stuff. He’s now the designat’d leader of our boardin’ party, if we ever get the chance. Got all our weapons back too. That night, a lady slave took a likenin’ to me, invited me below decks. Had to pass up the chance – I was so exhausted from the entire ordeal, I slept early that night.

Day 13:
sess5.2.JPG Had a very eventful mornin’. Got into a nasty brawl with Scourge and Plugg who tried to take my weapons away from me before doin’ my duties in the bilges. There’s unpleasant things in the bilges, and I’m quite fond of my weapons, so I didn’t give them up without a fight. Fortunately, my life was saved when Harrigan himself showed up and order’d me, right before Scourge and Plugg beat me to a bloody pulp. Then, in the bilges, of course, just my luck, two pirates jump me with their daggers, and I flee. At some point, everythin’ went black. I woke up in the dreaded sweatbox for the rest of the day. The worst part is, I didn’t even do anything wrong. Except for followin’ orders to the letter.

Day 14:
Out of that blasted sweatbox! I’m mad, but I can’t do anythin’ about it now because Rennick spotted sails on his lookout shift. They let me free, for all hands on deck. We scrambl’d together to get ship-shape.

Day 15:
sess5.4.JPG We see it. The Man’s Promise. Our ship to capture. The party and I are ordered to take command of the other ship’s helm, guard the wheel. Bib was magnificent, throwin’ magic missiles everywhere, Guybrush workin’ deftly with his bow and arrow, Rennick throwin’ javelins and beatin’ up in close combat, and I manag’d to do well with my bow and arrows. We captur’d the helm, and fought off pirates tryin’ to flee on rowboats – no one escaped. We stabliz’d most of the sailors we fought, except for one who perished – they’ll be captives for Harrigan. Heard Slippery Sal perished in the takeover too. We got our fair share of the loot, some heaps of gold, potions and weapons. Bib especially, who got some proper weapons. Now he won’t be totally useless if he’s outta spells. What a day.


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