Skulls and Shackles with Mike

Session 5
In which we eat some reefclaws and capture a ship.


Day 11 Cont’d:
I have lost track of time. Not the first, nor will it be the last. Last I left off, we were order’d to catch those sixteen crabs. We get attacked by reefclaws, and the only thing I know of them is that they’re considered delicacies. We manage to kill the two reefclaws thanks to Guybrush and Sandara, and after some more wranglin’, catch 14 crabs, thanks to mostly Rennick. We swim down to check out an old shipwreck, and recover some more loot, includin’ a bow and arrows for me. We return to the ship with reefclaws and crabs, pleasin’ Harrigan and the crew. We had a lot of influence over everyone that night too.

Day 12:
We had weapon trainin’ in the morning with the quartermaster. Krine takes us out on rowboat and has us practice throwin’ the grapplin’ hook to the Wormwood, and climbin’ across the seas on it. We all failed, except for Rennick, clearly built for this kind of stuff. He’s now the designat’d leader of our boardin’ party, if we ever get the chance. Got all our weapons back too. That night, a lady slave took a likenin’ to me, invited me below decks. Had to pass up the chance – I was so exhausted from the entire ordeal, I slept early that night.

Day 13:
sess5.2.JPG Had a very eventful mornin’. Got into a nasty brawl with Scourge and Plugg who tried to take my weapons away from me before doin’ my duties in the bilges. There’s unpleasant things in the bilges, and I’m quite fond of my weapons, so I didn’t give them up without a fight. Fortunately, my life was saved when Harrigan himself showed up and order’d me, right before Scourge and Plugg beat me to a bloody pulp. Then, in the bilges, of course, just my luck, two pirates jump me with their daggers, and I flee. At some point, everythin’ went black. I woke up in the dreaded sweatbox for the rest of the day. The worst part is, I didn’t even do anything wrong. Except for followin’ orders to the letter.

Day 14:
Out of that blasted sweatbox! I’m mad, but I can’t do anythin’ about it now because Rennick spotted sails on his lookout shift. They let me free, for all hands on deck. We scrambl’d together to get ship-shape.

Day 15:
sess5.4.JPG We see it. The Man’s Promise. Our ship to capture. The party and I are ordered to take command of the other ship’s helm, guard the wheel. Bib was magnificent, throwin’ magic missiles everywhere, Guybrush workin’ deftly with his bow and arrow, Rennick throwin’ javelins and beatin’ up in close combat, and I manag’d to do well with my bow and arrows. We captur’d the helm, and fought off pirates tryin’ to flee on rowboats – no one escaped. We stabliz’d most of the sailors we fought, except for one who perished – they’ll be captives for Harrigan. Heard Slippery Sal perished in the takeover too. We got our fair share of the loot, some heaps of gold, potions and weapons. Bib especially, who got some proper weapons. Now he won’t be totally useless if he’s outta spells. What a day.

Session 4
In which we survive a storm. And sleep a lot.


Day 4 Continued:
Blimey! Took us a while, but we figur’d out what to do. Returned to bilges to dump dead rats in barrels. We figure we’ll get to them later and make ‘em useful. Guybrush went to drink with Grok, she look’d more friendly that night. And as a bonus, we now know that Grok is call’d ‘Fishguts’ by Kroop ‘cause of the scar on her neck. Kroop also used to be a bigshot chef in Port Peril, until he lost a bet with Harrigan at dice, now he’s a slave for life. We overhear that Plugg has a magical cutlass too. Lots of details that are goin’ to be real important to know later, I can tell. Sandara also healed Bib, which was rather nice of her.

Day 5:
Scourge gave Bib three lashes for not cleanin’ the bilges today. Poor old man, he’s not exactly spry for the job. Thankfully Sandara was there to heal him again, though we may be wearin’ out our favours with her.

Plugg and his cronies bring up a tar n’ feather’d guy, wearin’ chains, lookin’ not very smart. Owl Bear is his name, and Guybrush is singl’d out to fight him. Just ‘cause. But Bucko here did great, and defeated Owl Bear. Conchobar is also now our friend, thanks to Rennick. I won an arm wrestlin’ match, feel good about the extra coin in my pocket. Guybrush is also on a roll, tellin’ his fightin’ tale again to anyone with ears, and drinkin’ again with Grok and Kroop. He’s a charmer, that one.

Day 6:
We spent the whole day tryin’ to influence as many people as we could. Figure it’d be good to have more friendlies than hostiles. Won a round of Hoglob too.

Day 7:
Sky looked ominous today, a storm looks like it’s comin’? I was too tired after cleanin’ bilges today, I went straight to the cabins early.

Day 8:
Sink me! It was a storm after all! We were batter’d around the deck as waves crash’d all over us, crew scramblin’. But we all performed smartly. Until Giffer fell overboard, and we all tried to pull her back in with some rope. Guybrush and Rennick manage to pull her back in before she’s gone, no Davy Jones’ locker for her yet. Though Rennick didn’t catch a huge wave crashin’ on the Wormwood, he got three lashes for that. It was a long and hard day, and a long and hard night as well.


Day 9:
Finish’d cleanin’ up the mess left behind by the storm. Giffer looked hearty with Rennick and Guybrush, considerin’ they saved her life and all. We went to bed early tonight, catchin’ up on missed sleep from the storm.

Day 10:
Still feelin’ the effects of the storm ‘n lack of sleep today. We heard Plugg’s only been on Wormwood for half a year. Pretty smartly of him. We all went to bed early again, for the most part.

Day 11:
After we all finish our mornin’ duties on the Wormwood, Plugg calls us over and tells us we have to catch sixteen crabs for dinner. Look’d over the railings to the shimmering blue waters that mere days ago was a scornful storm. Should be interestin’.

- Baldric

Session 3
In which the old is keelhauled and the new is a stowaway.


It’s bee’ a while since I updat’d this log, so let me recap:

Day 3. The mornin’ announcements were pretty surprisin’: Denton was caught stealin’ from the galley (no wonder he wanted to be th’ cook) and a stowaway was found, some young guy, Guybrush. Guybrush is really awkward with everyun’ on the ship. Saw him tryin’ to talk to another swabber and got the stink eye from him. Heard that Denton’s gonna get keelhauled soon.

Never thought I’d find myself sayin’ this, but the old man’s growin’ on me. A swab, Sandara, nice lookin’ redhead, gives Bib his ring and my dagger back. Says she trick’d Cut-Throat Grok, the quartermaster, into thinkin’ they were cursed. Clever girl! Now I have one of my weapons back, feelin’ a lot more less unsteady.

Guybrush seems real friendly though. He talk’d to Bib, gave me a weird ‘hi’ and nod, even talk’d to Sandara, and that female gnome, Giffer. Maybe he coulda be an useful ally.

Day 4. Guybrush takes over Denton’s role as a cook. A questionable decision, seeing as how he burnt a special pig for Cap’n Harrigan so bad, he got yelled outta there. The rats look’d far more appealin’ than a burnt lump of pork charcoal.

Started talking more to Rennick and Bib. They’re not so bad, me and them. We consider us a team now. Rennick’s good with the ladies. Saw rigger Sam smilin’ at him earlier today. And that creepy gnome, the one with the overly flamboyant hat, Conchobar Turl-Stone-Whatever, I’m callin’ him Conch anyhow, he never leaves Rennick’s side.

Talked to an’ther swabber – Rosie. She seemed shifty, then I found out her fiddle’s been taken, that ol’ half-orc Grok has it in her store. I mentioned it to Bib and Rennick. If we got it back for Rosie, we could make a good ally out of her. Th’n Bib sweet-talk’d to Grok, I don’t know how, something about a curse an’ the stormy seas an’ a creature, but he convinced Grok that the fiddle was curs’d and she just gave it right to him.

In oth’r news, Rennick got beat bad by some dude in an arm-wrestlin’ match, got his arm cut up pretty bad on some broken glass. Also, Bib’s pretty good at bluffin’, because later on in the day, the old man got another dagger out of Grok by usin’ the curse trick again. I don’t know, but I think Grok’s catchin’ onto this cursin’. I don’ know if Bib can do it again.

And Denton, Denton. Keelhauled. Shame to see that guy go, but his singin’ was gettin’ on everyone’s nerves. And now that Rosie’s fiddlin’ (and happ’ly so) somethin’ terrible, I much preferred Denton’s singin’.

I check’d out the middle hold durin’ the day. There’s a guard down there, protectin’ officer’s quarters. Kind of suspicious on a ship like this. Might investigate that sometime later. Guybrush slaughter’d anoth’r pig today. Guy seemed proud of the second one, he wouldn’t stop tellin’ me ‘bout it. ’Course, I hear that Ambrose the cook did all the work. Guy even manag’d to get his shield and cutlass back from Grok. Lucky.

Jack, a swabber, sudd’nly comes up top deck, lookin’ real distraught. We all – and by all, I mean Rennick, Bib and even Guybrush, overhear him tellin’ Mister Plugg somethin’ disturbin’s down there in the bilges. An’ he turns to us five, and sends us down there to check it out.

That’s what we get for eavesdroppin’.

‘Course, it turns out to be six big-son-of-a-Neptune rats. They start attackin’ and bitin’ us – Bib got bitten and felt a little sick so he sat down and rooted us on. Rennick managed to kill one, and Guy was actually useful, killin’ two. I ended up killin’ three of ‘em. The real surprise was me findin’ an ax in the dirty waters, and some abandoned booty – maces, armour, silver and gold pieces amongst more. I decid’d to split the gold and silver among’t the gang, and suggest’d we trade to Grok the rest for our stuff back.

‘Course, Grok was less than cooperative. We manag’d to get Rennick’s greatsword (now he’s even more intimidatin’), as well as my armour and Rennick’s armour back. Bib manag’d to buy his quarterstaff back with his new coin, and Guy bought his airbladder back.

Why Guybrush wants his airbladder back, I don’ know. He’s an okay fella, so far. But he’s too happy for a pirate.

And I have a naggin’ feelin’ somethin’ was awfully important about that ax… But, night duty calls. Will update more next time. - Baldric

Session 2
In which we're rudely awoken and thrown into our first fight. In the morning.


Better not become a daily habit – being rudely awoken like this. I barely caught any winks what with the Barbarian’s snorin’ and that crazy Bard’s complainin’ of the bunks being too stiff. Man lives a life of luxury, I can tell.

Some of us were insistent on reportin’ for duty and being unnoticed as much as possible, but we were challenged to a fight before we could even make it topside. Three human pirates and one nasty-lookin’ half-orc who threw the first punch at the Barbarian. Classy.

As annoying as the Bard is, Denton, he was useful, inspirin’ courage and creatin’ distraction to help all of us out. Rennick, the Barbarian, is one hell of a wrecking ball – he more than easily knocked the pirates out. And Bib, that old wrinkly man of a Sorcerer, he moves crazy fast, castin’ spells everywhere. And there I am, in the thick of it, unable to throw a punch until the last few rounds. Must’ve been a lot more sleepier than I thought. Surprisingly, we all made a pretty decent team.

Then, Denton has the crazy galls to get Rennick to try and carry the knocked out pirates back to the bunks to avoid trouble. And of course, we’re all caught in the act. Because nothin’ goes right for us. Why would it?

Three whip lashings. Each. For being late. Followed by yet another lecture on in-crew fighting. It’s going to be an eventful day.

And y’know what, nothing bonds a band of strangers like a ship brawl. But I’m still wary of them. And where’s my damn weapons? - Baldric

Session 1
In which we actually played a real session. Also, we came to discover how badly we all (most of us anyways) suck at climbing.

On a pirate ship. Again. Wormwood’s run by this crazy fellow, Captain Harrigan. Him and his mates, they put somethin’ in the ale I had last night; I woke up, foggy, in a room with a bunch of other strangers. They looked just as befuddled as I was. A very loudmouthed short little bard, an old man who’s too quiet, and a human barbarian. This should be interesting.

Men with clubs kindly coerce us up to the top deck of the ship, where Harrigan starts spielin’ about how we’re all forced to now be a part of his crew. Odd, that to join a pirate ship, you have to be kidnapped against your will nowadays.

The strangers and I are forced to compete against each other by Mr. Plugg, who should really unplug whatever’s stuck up his butt and his sidekick Master Scourge, who enjoys yelling orders. Yah, my climbing is rustier than I thought. Rennick the barbarian makes it up to the top of the riggin’ on the main mast easily, even though the rest of us struggle. The human’s now a rigger, and we all didn’t take too kindly to Denton with his grease spell after that.

Denton’s the Cook’s Mate and that left Bib and I as Swabs. After all that excitement, we were treated to a viewin’ of a keelhaulin’ – some thief that got caught. Not a pleasant way to go. His remains were taken care of by the sharks. Guess stealin’ isn’t a good idea on this ship.

After catchin’ a bunch of rats, I tried to chat up with a lady half-elf that night. Didn’t turn out so well. There was also rum. Chucked it overboard when no one was lookin’. The lesson’s learned; trust no one here. —Baldric

The first session: Character generation, and some practicing.

Character generation,

Play some practice combats

We got our characters mostly fleshed out.


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