Skulls and Shackles with Mike

Session 1

In which we actually played a real session. Also, we came to discover how badly we all (most of us anyways) suck at climbing.

On a pirate ship. Again. Wormwood’s run by this crazy fellow, Captain Harrigan. Him and his mates, they put somethin’ in the ale I had last night; I woke up, foggy, in a room with a bunch of other strangers. They looked just as befuddled as I was. A very loudmouthed short little bard, an old man who’s too quiet, and a human barbarian. This should be interesting.

Men with clubs kindly coerce us up to the top deck of the ship, where Harrigan starts spielin’ about how we’re all forced to now be a part of his crew. Odd, that to join a pirate ship, you have to be kidnapped against your will nowadays.

The strangers and I are forced to compete against each other by Mr. Plugg, who should really unplug whatever’s stuck up his butt and his sidekick Master Scourge, who enjoys yelling orders. Yah, my climbing is rustier than I thought. Rennick the barbarian makes it up to the top of the riggin’ on the main mast easily, even though the rest of us struggle. The human’s now a rigger, and we all didn’t take too kindly to Denton with his grease spell after that.

Denton’s the Cook’s Mate and that left Bib and I as Swabs. After all that excitement, we were treated to a viewin’ of a keelhaulin’ – some thief that got caught. Not a pleasant way to go. His remains were taken care of by the sharks. Guess stealin’ isn’t a good idea on this ship.

After catchin’ a bunch of rats, I tried to chat up with a lady half-elf that night. Didn’t turn out so well. There was also rum. Chucked it overboard when no one was lookin’. The lesson’s learned; trust no one here. —Baldric


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