Skulls and Shackles with Mike

Session 2

In which we're rudely awoken and thrown into our first fight. In the morning.


Better not become a daily habit – being rudely awoken like this. I barely caught any winks what with the Barbarian’s snorin’ and that crazy Bard’s complainin’ of the bunks being too stiff. Man lives a life of luxury, I can tell.

Some of us were insistent on reportin’ for duty and being unnoticed as much as possible, but we were challenged to a fight before we could even make it topside. Three human pirates and one nasty-lookin’ half-orc who threw the first punch at the Barbarian. Classy.

As annoying as the Bard is, Denton, he was useful, inspirin’ courage and creatin’ distraction to help all of us out. Rennick, the Barbarian, is one hell of a wrecking ball – he more than easily knocked the pirates out. And Bib, that old wrinkly man of a Sorcerer, he moves crazy fast, castin’ spells everywhere. And there I am, in the thick of it, unable to throw a punch until the last few rounds. Must’ve been a lot more sleepier than I thought. Surprisingly, we all made a pretty decent team.

Then, Denton has the crazy galls to get Rennick to try and carry the knocked out pirates back to the bunks to avoid trouble. And of course, we’re all caught in the act. Because nothin’ goes right for us. Why would it?

Three whip lashings. Each. For being late. Followed by yet another lecture on in-crew fighting. It’s going to be an eventful day.

And y’know what, nothing bonds a band of strangers like a ship brawl. But I’m still wary of them. And where’s my damn weapons? - Baldric


MichaelHoyle bluntrook

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