Skulls and Shackles with Mike

Session 4

In which we survive a storm. And sleep a lot.


Day 4 Continued:
Blimey! Took us a while, but we figur’d out what to do. Returned to bilges to dump dead rats in barrels. We figure we’ll get to them later and make ‘em useful. Guybrush went to drink with Grok, she look’d more friendly that night. And as a bonus, we now know that Grok is call’d ‘Fishguts’ by Kroop ‘cause of the scar on her neck. Kroop also used to be a bigshot chef in Port Peril, until he lost a bet with Harrigan at dice, now he’s a slave for life. We overhear that Plugg has a magical cutlass too. Lots of details that are goin’ to be real important to know later, I can tell. Sandara also healed Bib, which was rather nice of her.

Day 5:
Scourge gave Bib three lashes for not cleanin’ the bilges today. Poor old man, he’s not exactly spry for the job. Thankfully Sandara was there to heal him again, though we may be wearin’ out our favours with her.

Plugg and his cronies bring up a tar n’ feather’d guy, wearin’ chains, lookin’ not very smart. Owl Bear is his name, and Guybrush is singl’d out to fight him. Just ‘cause. But Bucko here did great, and defeated Owl Bear. Conchobar is also now our friend, thanks to Rennick. I won an arm wrestlin’ match, feel good about the extra coin in my pocket. Guybrush is also on a roll, tellin’ his fightin’ tale again to anyone with ears, and drinkin’ again with Grok and Kroop. He’s a charmer, that one.

Day 6:
We spent the whole day tryin’ to influence as many people as we could. Figure it’d be good to have more friendlies than hostiles. Won a round of Hoglob too.

Day 7:
Sky looked ominous today, a storm looks like it’s comin’? I was too tired after cleanin’ bilges today, I went straight to the cabins early.

Day 8:
Sink me! It was a storm after all! We were batter’d around the deck as waves crash’d all over us, crew scramblin’. But we all performed smartly. Until Giffer fell overboard, and we all tried to pull her back in with some rope. Guybrush and Rennick manage to pull her back in before she’s gone, no Davy Jones’ locker for her yet. Though Rennick didn’t catch a huge wave crashin’ on the Wormwood, he got three lashes for that. It was a long and hard day, and a long and hard night as well.


Day 9:
Finish’d cleanin’ up the mess left behind by the storm. Giffer looked hearty with Rennick and Guybrush, considerin’ they saved her life and all. We went to bed early tonight, catchin’ up on missed sleep from the storm.

Day 10:
Still feelin’ the effects of the storm ‘n lack of sleep today. We heard Plugg’s only been on Wormwood for half a year. Pretty smartly of him. We all went to bed early again, for the most part.

Day 11:
After we all finish our mornin’ duties on the Wormwood, Plugg calls us over and tells us we have to catch sixteen crabs for dinner. Look’d over the railings to the shimmering blue waters that mere days ago was a scornful storm. Should be interestin’.

- Baldric


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